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Private jet flight to Oslo

Cyprus Private Jets provides a full range of business aviation services and organizes flights to Oslo. More than 7600 models of business jets from 36 world brands are available for the company's clients. Our company is based in Limassol and departs from Larnaca and Paphos airports. However, we work throughout Europe and can arrange a quick flight of the aircraft you need from European airports. For 14 years of successful work in business aviation, the company has managed to form a circle of partners from operators and owners of private jets, which allows us to provide customers with the best prices and booking conditions. In addition, due to the exclusive terms of cooperation with VIP terminals, the company has the ability to carry out urgent flights within 3-5 hours after the request. Note that private flights to Oslo are very popular in business aviation, so in addition to classic flights, we can offer you to use the Empty Legs service. For more information and the current schedule of scheduled flights, please contact your personal manager.


private jet flights


The company's experts will help you choose the best option for you based on your preferences and flight route. You can find out the cost of renting a private jet in Oslo by filling out the online calculator form on the website, by calling the above numbers, or by e-mail at rent@jets.cy. You can also always contact our official representative office in Cyprus. We will be glad to see you at our major office in the city of Limassol. In just 20-40 minutes, after placing the application, we will prepare for you from 3 to 7 options, which will take into account your wishes and route features. If none of the proposed business jets suits you, we will adjust the request and continue the search. All calculations are made free of charge and are not binding in any respect! We guarantee all clients an individual approach, flexible booking conditions, and a high level of confidentiality. The cost of the flight is calculated at the stage of agreeing on a business jet, after which it is fixed in an official contract. We will take care of all the details and do our best to make your flight to Oslo Airport as comfortable as possible.


We will quickly calculate the cost of a private flight



Private flights to Oslo

If you are planning a private flight, Cyprus Private Jets air broker will help you to organize the whole process completely, taking into account your wishes and designated budget. We can conduct both individual charters, designed for 1-2 persons, and group flights, for example, for several families. Due to the unique catalog of business jets, which includes more than 7600 models, we will be able to choose the best option for your flight - considering the route, the number of passengers, and the required level of amenities. We cooperate with both companies and individuals. We are flexible in our approach to each case and strive to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. 14 years of successful work in business aviation in Europe and Cyprus are a clear confirmation of the quality of provided services. There are different types of flights to Oslo:

  • A classic private flight for work or on vacation. We will take into account all your wishes and find a business jet that optimally meets your search criteria and budget;
  • Medical flight. This is the name of flights organized for the transportation of an injured, recumbent, or seriously ill passenger. Medical charters are made with aircraft, the cabin of which has a place for a wheelchair, special equipment, and a medical team with accompanying persons. A medical aircraft belongs to a special category. It was originally created to transport patients, they have stationary equipment and modules for providing emergency care in the air;
  • Business flights. Such flights are requested by owners of business corporations, top managers of European companies, and clients for whom it is important not to interrupt their workflow for a minute. We offer airliners with satellite communications, office equipment, and meeting rooms for business flights;
  • Cargo flights. It implies the delivery of goods without a passenger. Due to our help, you can transport both electronic equipment and fragile and especially valuable cargo;
  • Wedding flight. The newlyweds order it when they are sent on their honeymoon. Also, such flights are used for comfortable delivery of guests to wedding events;
  • Corporate flight. Employees of large corporations often need to get to branches located in other cities as part of one team. Renting a business jet is the best solution – passengers will fly in a calm atmosphere and, if necessary, will be able to discuss the nuances of the upcoming inspection. Moreover, corporate charters are often ordered when company executives have decided to send some of their employees to an organized group for a vacation as an incentive;
  • Sports flight. We are ready to provide large-capacity airliners for athletes and teams while preserving all the advantages of business aviation. We have extensive experience in organizing flights for football, basketball, and tennis players;
  • Shift and exploration flights. Sometimes it is necessary to deliver a team of workers to places where there are no highways and railway connections. Air broker organizes such flights using helicopters or those business jets that are able to take off and land in conditions of limited space.


Regardless of the flight type, we guarantee a high level of comfort, security, and privacy. You will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of business aviation, in addition, at each stage, a personal aviation expert will accompany you. We treat pets with love, and if you want to take a dog or a cat on board, we will organize it without any problems. The air broker has extensive experience in organizing private flights with pets and has successful cases of transporting exotic animals (for example, parrots and rodents). Moreover, we will help you with this task when booking any type of flight, whether it is a classic business jet rental or a private flight in the Empty Legs format. All clients of the company get access to a complex of concierge services for which a personal consultant is responsible. For example, if you are flying to Oslo, we will help you collect all the necessary documents, organize exclusive meals from the best European restaurants on board, prepare a transfer by helicopter or premium car, and book a villa or hotel. This is only a small part of the tasks that can be solved through the personal assistants of Cyprus Private Jets. We are always open to non-standard requests. Our unique links and acquaintances help to resolve all emerging situations quickly.


private jet rental


Another important advantage of private flights to Oslo is the flexible conditions for booking and paying for aircraft. Clients of our company can pay for the flight in various non-cash ways: by invoice, bank transfer, or bank card. Cryptocurrency is also accepted - USDT, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. In some cases, by agreement of the parties, payment in other coins is possible. If you are in Cyprus, you can pay for the flight in cash at our central office. Regardless of the chosen method, we provide clients with a complete package of official documentation and all accounting documents. In the case of flight cancellation by the client, Cyprus Private Jets will do its best to negotiate with the operator or owner of the business jet on the minimum penalty. If, however, force majeure occurs and the flight is canceled due to the fault of the air broker, we will fully compensate you for all costs. It will be possible to study the conditions for canceling a reservation and refunding funds in more detail in the official contract, which is signed before the flight is paid for.


Prices for private jet flights from Cyprus to Oslo

Since our company is based in Cyprus and has unique business connections with airports and business jet owners, we are ready to offer our clients the most favorable flight booking conditions. The final price is formed by many factors: the model of a private jet, the number of passengers, the date of departure, etc. Our managers will take into account all the individual wishes of the client and select the best aircraft options. By leaving a request on the site, you can find out the exact cost of the flight within 30-50 minutes. Below are indicative prices based on previously completed flights.


  1. Larnaca - Oslo from 28300 euros;
  2. Paphos - Oslo from 27600 euros;
  3. Limassol - Oslo from 28100 euros;
  4. Nicosia - Oslo from 28100 euros.

Many clients want specifics on the cost of an hour of flight on a specific business jet. Unfortunately, the information posted on most Internet sites is marketing in nature and shows very approximate prices. Because in reality, the cost depends on many factors that we described above. However, for a general understanding, we divided the models into classes and prepared approximate prices for them. Below is the order of prices for the rental of private jets (flight hour), depending on the class of the aircraft:


  • Very Light Jets - price per hour from 2500 €, flight time up to 2 hours 30 minutes, 4-5 passengers;
  • Light Jets - price per hour from 3000 €, flight time up to 2 hours 45 minutes - 3 hours 30 minutes, 5-8 passengers;
  • Super Light Jets - price per hour from 4000 €, flight time up to 3 hours 45 minutes - 4 hours 30 minutes, 6-8 passengers;
  • Midsize Jets - price per hour from 5000 €, flight time up to 4 hours 30 minutes - 5 hours 30 minutes, 6-9 passengers;
  • Super Midsize Jets - price per hour from 6000 €, flight time up to 5 hours 30 minutes - 6 hours 30 minutes, 7-9 passengers;
  • Large Jets - price per hour from 7000 €, flight time up to 6 hours 30 minutes - 7 hours 30 minutes, 10-12 passengers;
  • Super Large Jets - price per hour from 8500 €, flight time up to 7 hours 50 minutes - 10 hours, 12-15 passengers;
  • Long Range Jets - price per hour from 9500 €, flight time up to 10 - 14 hours, 12-15 passengers.


To make the dependence of the price on the type of aircraft more obvious, we have prepared an illustrative example, in one direction of the flight, indicating the cost of renting different types of business jets:

  1. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Phenom 300, 9 seats - 38600 EUR;
  2. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Pilatus PC-12/47E (NG), 8 seats - 30800 EUR;
  3. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Nextant 400XTi, 7 seats - 35800 EUR;
  4. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Hawker 4000, 8 seats - 49200 EUR;
  5. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Citation CJ2+, 7 seats - 61400 EUR;
  6. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Citation XLS+, 9 seats - 27900 EUR;
  7. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Praetor 600, 11 seats - 33300 EUR;
  8. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Hawker 750, 8 seats - 46100 EUR;
  9. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Legacy 600, 13 seats - 34700 EUR;
  10. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Challenger 350, 9 seats - 44000 EUR;
  11. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Challenger 605, 12 seats - 54000 EUR;
  12. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Citation XLS Gen 2, 8 seats - 41800 EUR;
  13. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Global 6000, 14 seats - 61300 EUR;
  14. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Falcon 2000LXS, 14 seats - 61200 EUR;
  15. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Gulfstream G-450, 16 seats - 69400 EUR;
  16. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Challenger 850, 14 seats - 79700 EUR;
  17. Oslo - Larnaca (OSL - LCA), aircraft Global Express XRS, 15 seats - 81600 EUR.

These prices are indicative and may vary both up and down, depending on the season, market situation, aircraft model, and other factors. In addition, return flights on the route Oslo - Cyprus or to other European cities are possible. After requesting information from our managers, we will arrange all the information in a beautiful commercial offer, which will clearly show what the cost is made up of, the features of specific business jets, and the conditions for booking and canceling a flight.


business aviation services


Online calculation of the flight cost

For a list of private jets and information on the cost of the flight, please indicate the route of the flight (airport of departure and arrival), dates, number of passengers, and your wishes. If you want to urgently find out the approximate cost of a flight to or from Oslo to anywhere worldwide, use the online calculator on the website:

Flight cost calculator

From whence
Where to
Number of passengers
Departure date
Return date
Your name
Your phone number


Please note that indicative prices are displayed online. For a more precise calculation, you must fill out the application in detail and provide real data. The final figures will be sent to your mail or WhatsApp, or Telegram messengers. In addition, our manager can call you to clarify important details, adjust the search and choose the best option. We guarantee the confidentiality and security of the data received from you. If you are traveling on the Oslo - Cyprus route, we will be able to offer you the best flight conditions on the market (both in terms of the number of aircraft and the cost of the flight). In addition, on European destinations, we have the opportunity to use exclusive business jets that are transferred to us for management from the owners. The final cost is calculated at the stage of agreeing on a private jet, after which it is fixed in an official contract. We will be happy to help you organize a private flight and take care of all the details.


private jet rental cost


The cost of international flights

Below we have collected approximate prices for the most popular routes in demand in business aviation. However, this is only a small part of the directions, a complete list can be obtained from the company's managers. You can order a private jet flight to anywhere in Europe and worldwide.


  • Oslo - Nice ~ 18900 EUR;
  • Oslo - Munich ~ 15100 EUR;
  • Oslo - Geneva ~ 17600 EUR;
  • Oslo - Paris ~ 17900 EUR;
  • Oslo - Zurich ~ 16300 EUR;
  • Oslo - Cannes ~ 18600 EUR;
  • Oslo - Bern ~ 16900 EUR;
  • Oslo - Malaga ~ 29800 EUR;
  • Oslo - London ~ 18300 EUR;
  • Oslo - Palma de Mallorca ~ 23900 EUR;
  • Oslo - Athens ~ 25300 EUR;
  • Oslo - Madrid ~ 24500 EUR;
  • Oslo - Frankfurt ~ 14700 EUR;
  • Oslo - Barcelona ~ 21900 EUR;
  • Oslo - Dubai ~ 78300 EUR;
  • Oslo - Warsaw ~ 14900 EUR;
  • Oslo - Hamburg ~ 13300 EUR;
  • Oslo - Brussels ~ 15800 EUR;
  • Oslo - Stockholm ~ 12000 EUR;
  • Oslo - Marseille ~ 19200 EUR;
  • Oslo - Malta ~ 25100 EUR.


You can also use the air calculator on the website, which will allow you to calculate the cost of a private flight for your route.


price comparison for private flights


Package offers

If you fly frequently, know your planned budget for the flight and don't want to waste time choosing an aircraft, take advantage of our advantageous package deals. We have prepared 4 optimal flight options that fully include a full range of business aviation services. Each client will be able to choose the appropriate option based on the goals and the planned route. Our air brokers will tell you in detail about each package and help you choose the best one for your tasks.


1) Connect Package:

  • The cost of the flight starts from 4000 euros;
  • Flight duration - no more than 2 hours;
  • Aircraft capacity - no more than 4 passengers;
  • Aircraft models: Embraer Phenom 100, Embraer Phenom 300, Cesna CJ 1, Cesna CJ 2, Cesna CJ 3.


This package belongs to budget options and is ideal for flights within Europe. The Connect Package is often chosen for short one-day trips over short distances. You will get all the benefits of business aviation, without overpaying.


2) Premium Package:

  • The cost of the flight starts from 8000 euros;
  • Flight duration - no more than 3,5-4 hours;
  • Aircraft capacity - no more than 6 passengers;
  • Aircraft models: Cesna Citation XLS+, Hawker 750, Hawker 800 XP.


This package is the most balanced in terms of price and quality. The Premium Package is ideal for flights within Europe, short to medium distances. Clients note that this package is optimally suited for the case when an individual flight is needed without additional expenses.


3) Luxe Package:

  • The cost of the flight starts from 20000 euros;
  • Flight duration - no more than 6 hours;
  • Aircraft capacity - no more than 18 passengers;
  • Aircraft models: Legacy 500, Legacy 600, Legacy 650, Challenger 604, Challenger 605, Challenger 650, Gulfstream 200, Gulfstream 280.


This package features more comfortable private jets, which are ideal for long flights over long distances. With the Luxe Package, you can travel non-stop from Cyprus to any part of Europe. In addition, business jets of this category are suitable for transcontinental flights.


4) Elite package:

  • The cost of the flight starts from 45000 euros;
  • Flight duration - no more than 14 hours;
  • Aircraft capacity - no more than 15 passengers;
  • Aircraft models: Falcon 7X, Gulfstream 550, Gulfstream 650, etc.


This package is the most premium and includes the highest level of service and comfort. The private jets included in the Elite package are ideal for long-haul flights to other continents. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of business aviation, without restrictions.




Booking a charter flight with "Cyprus Private Jets" means maximum comfort, absolute safety and efficient time management. You choose where and when to go, save time waiting for a flight and booking a ticket. It doesn't matter where you travel - in Europe or in the CIS, you will receive high-quality service for pilots and flight attendants, the most comfortable conditions on board.


The booking price includes:


  • rental of a private jet with a pilot and crew;
  • payment of slots and airport taxes along the entire route;
  • standard VIP meals for passengers;
  • round-the-clock informing the client or persons authorized by him about the progress of the flight;
  • car parking at airports;
  • use of the VIP terminal for waiting for a flight;
  • any consultations with the air broker, as well as access to the cocierge service;
  • fast customs and passport control services.


The aircraft rental price does not include:


  1. extending the airport's operating hours if necessary;
  2. mobile internet on board;
  3. exclusive meals that we will deliver from your favorite restaurants and cafes;
  4. accompaniment of doctors during medical flights;
  5. aircraft anti-icing treatment.


the cost of a private flight to Europe


Oslo Business Aviation Airport

An important factor in the great popularity of Oslo Airport is the presence of a comfortable business aviation terminal and a VIP lounge. The runways are capable of serving both small private jets and full-fledged business liners. Modern infrastructure and a high level of service provide customers with comfortable conditions at all stages of the flight. The airport actively accepts business jets from all over the world, but about 75% of all private flights are to Europe, including Cyprus. The business aviation terminal provides an opportunity to quickly go through customs procedures, as well as avoid wasting time when checking in luggage. As a rule, customers need to arrive at Oslo Airport 20-30 minutes before the scheduled departure. This is enough to go through all formal procedures, load luggage on board a private jet, and prepare for takeoff. If you are traveling with pets (such as a dog, cat, or parrot), it is worth allowing extra time for veterinary control and document verification. The personal manager of Cyprus Private Jets will help you deal with all the details, including documents, as well as arrange an escort in the terminal.

In addition to classic services, extra options are available at Oslo Airport:

  1. Private jet charter - we organize the parking of the liner in one of the hangars, with maintenance, refueling, and other;
  2. Use of a heliport - departures, and arrivals by private helicopters are possible;
  3. VIP transfer, security, and customer escort - until boarding the plane, as well as upon arrival;
  4. Flights under the Empty Legs system - with online booking through the company's air broker;
  5. Urgent departures from the business aviation terminal of Oslo, within 2-5 hours, after the request.

These are just a few of the exclusive services available to Cyprus Private Jets clients. We approach each task individually and will do our best to organize your flight, taking into account all the features and wishes. In the case of a flight from Oslo to Larnaca and Paphos airports, we will offer additional bonuses and flexible payment terms, in particular through the central office in Limassol. If you want to study the lounge area of the terminal in more detail, we recommend visiting the official website of the airport or requesting a presentation from our managers. In the current year, more than 3690 private flights have been conducted from this airport - therefore, our specialists have the most relevant and complete information.


empty legs flight


Main characteristics of the airport:

  • The official name is Oslo Gardermoen Airport, OSL, Oslo.
  • The address of the airport is P.O. Box 100, 2061 Gardermoen, Norway.
  • Vip or lounge lounge - yes.
  • The geolocation of the airport is 60°12′10.08″N, 11°5′2.04″E
  • PCN - 075FAWT
  • IATA - OSL.
  • Time Zone: +1.0


How long is the flight to Oslo from Cyprus?

Estimated flight time by private jet:


1 route

  • Larnaca - Oslo, by private jet Challenger 605
  • Aircraft range: 3995 nm, 7400 km | 470 kts, 870 kmh
  • Route: LCA ⟶ OSL
  • Distance: 1756 nm / 3252 km
  • Flight time: 3:44 h


2 route

  • Paphos - Oslo, by private jet Challenger 605
  • Aircraft range: 3995 nm, 7400 km | 470 kts, 870 kmh
  • Route: PFO ⟶ OSL
  • Distance: 1743 nm / 3228 km
  • Flight time: 3:43 h


You can find out the exact flight time along your route from the company's managers. It depends on the business jet model, route (additional stops), wind and other parameters. We will prepare for you a detailed calculation of the cost and time of flight on the aircraft that suits you.


Empty Legs Flights to Oslo

As an alternative and more affordable option, we suggest you pay attention to flights using the Empty Legs system. This format retains all the advantages of business aviation, however, these flights are sold at significant discounts. Next, we will take a closer look at how this service works. Assume that a private jet has just completed an order for a flight from Paris to Oslo. After performing such a flight, the business jet must go back to the airport from which the flight was made. Such a combination of circumstances is not economically profitable and increases the costs for both the passenger and the airline. The solution to the problem is simple and elegant: the company provides everyone with the opportunity to rent a plane for the next return flight. The cost of such a flight, of course, is significantly lower.

When you book an Empty Legs flight with Cyprus Private Jets, you get exactly the same quality service as if you booked a regular charter flight with us. You will find a high level of comfort and service, an experienced crew, and the technical condition of your liner will always be at the highest level. The only small drawback of the Empty Legs service is that you will have to fly at a strictly regulated time and on a specific aircraft. However, this disadvantage is more than offset by the favorable price of this service.

Since Oslo is an incredibly popular business aviation destination, Empty Legs flights are quite frequent. You can leave a request to our managers according to the dates, directions, and aircraft you are interested in - we will take care of all the details of finding and tracking Empty Legs flight bases. As soon as a suitable option is found, we will promptly agree on all the nuances with you and book a business jet. You can also see examples of flights already completed over the past 6 months:


Destination PAX Private Jet Price* Time
 Oslo - Dubai 13 ✈ Legacy 650 36900 € 06:45
 Oslo - Paris 9 ✈ Citation XLS+ 6500 € 02:10
 Oslo - Milan 7 ✈ Nextant 400XTi 24800 € 02:30
 Oslo - Munich 9 ✈ Challenger 300 21300 € 02:00
 Oslo - Zurich 9 ✈ Citation Latitude 20400 € 02:10
 Oslo - Nice 12 ✈ Challenger 605 25200 € 02:45
 Oslo - Barcelona 8 ✈ Hawker 750 39300 € 03:20


Since the demand for such flights is very high, we recommend you leave applications in advance - so that the air broker has time to choose the best option for you. We also note that in the near future, it is planned to launch Jet Sharing flights to Oslo - that is, it will open the possibility of renting business jets per seat. In this case, the cost of the charter is divided among several passengers flying on the same flight. Follow the updates on our website.


online catalog of private jets


Step-by-step preparation of the flight

The preparation of a private flight takes place in several stages:

  • At the first stage, an application from the client is processed. A manager from a closed database selects business jets suitable for the client's requirements, prepares presentations, and sends them for approval.
  • After selecting a specific airliner, a contract is drawn up indicating the data of the client and the business jet. It indicates the route, departure date, additional services, responsibility of the parties, options, and payment terms;
  • The third stage is the provision of the flight. Careful observance of the two previous points allows you to guarantee complete comfort during the flight and eliminate unwanted overlays.


Each client of Cyprus Private Jets receives a personal consultant to help when signing a contract. He solves all issues related to the organization of the flight, including the hassle-free passage of passport control. The contract is considered completed after the passengers of the business jet land at the airport and receive the full range of additional services.


Scheme of our work
01.Request for a private flight
02.Choosing an aircraft,

agreeing on additional services
and nuances

03.Conclusion of the

and making payments

04. We will provide information
about the flight,

crew and
all the details

05.Departure from
the VIP terminal

of the airport
at the appointed time


Private jet catalog

For 14 years of work in business aviation, we have managed to assemble a unique catalog of business jets, which includes more than 7900 models of various types. Some of them belong to the owners, and some are managed via operators. For privacy reasons, only a small part of the options available for short-term rentals are reflected on the website. You can request a complete catalog from the managers of Cyprus Private Jets.

The most popular models for flights to Oslo are:

  1. Bombardier Challenger 605 - 83 models available;
  2. Embraer Phenom 100 - 94 models available;
  3. Cessna Citation XLS - 92 models available;
  4. Bombardier Challenger 850 - 103 models available;
  5. Embraer Legacy 600 - 95 models available;
  6. Gulfstream G550 - 97 models available;
  7. Bombardier Challenger 350 - 167 models available;
  8. Embraer Phenom 300 - 151 models available;
  9. Gulfstream G200 - 129 models available;
  10. Dassault Falcon 6x - 114 models available.

The listed business jets have proven themselves with European customers due to their reliability, safety, and comfort level. In the presence of liners of various trim levels, capacity, and year of manufacture. For each option, a detailed description is provided, with a photo and video review. The air broker will tell you in detail about the features of a particular frequent aircraft and help you choose the best option for your flight. More than 370 business jets are based at Oslo Airport, and an operational approach from neighboring airfields is also possible.


book a private jet


Book a flight

You can book your private flight to Oslo online. Upon receipt of the request, the Cyprus Private Jets air broker will contact you to clarify the details, after which they will prepare suitable business jet options for you. As a rule, we provide customers with 3-7 options, from which you can choose the best one. If the price, year of manufacture of the aircraft, or its capacity does not suit you, we will correct the data and continue the search. All these works are carried out free of charge and do not oblige you to anything. You can also set additional criteria, for example, the possibility of smoking on board, flying with a pet, or the availability of the Internet. As soon as a suitable liner is found, we conclude a formal contract in which the price is fixed and the business jet itself is booked. Payment is made in a form convenient for you - through a bank, in cryptocurrency, or in cash at the company's office.

We accept orders around the clock. Requests are processed from 8 am to 11 pm. We ask you to mark urgent requests, as we will try to process them outside of business hours within 20-40 minutes. We are also always in touch via WhatsApp and Telegram messengers. We will be happy to answer your questions and do our best to help you arrange a private flight to Oslo on the most favorable terms.




Cyprus Business Aviation Airports

Business jets from Europe arrive via two international airports – Larnaca and Paphos. Larnaca has the largest passenger turnover. The aviation hub is located near many famous resorts that can be reached by taxi, bus, or helicopter – there is no railway on the island.

Arriving at the international airports, our passengers can then fly to local airfields, these include Raf Akrotiri, Gecitkale, Episkopi. Ercan Airport only serves flights flying from Turkey (our company's planes do not fly to it). The company's managers will select the route so that tourists arrive at the place of rest in the most comfortable conditions and as quickly as possible. VIP terminals operate at the international airports of Larnaca and Paphos for business aviation passengers. They have everything you need for tourists who want to travel only comfortably. Lounge areas are equipped with comfortable furniture, there is a cafe, a medical center, ATMs. At Larnaca airport, there are duty-free and souvenir shops on the territory of the building, there is a parking lot nearby where you can rent a car. In international air stations, everything is arranged compactly, so it is almost impossible to get lost here.

Passengers of VIP terminals of business aviation can order an escort service. In this case, our employee will go through all the procedures at the inspection point with you, and he/she will also provide all possible assistance in delivering luggage to the plane.


Business aviation in Cyprus


VIP business aviation terminal at Larnaca airport

Larnaca Airport is 4 km from the city of the same name. It was opened in 1974, a large-scale reconstruction was carried out in 2009. The international code of ICAO is LCLK, IATA is LCA. The airport is designed to serve 7.5 million people per year.

The VIP lounge of the airport is located in the second terminal. This is a spacious room with sofas and armchairs for relaxing, there are separate areas with tables and charging stations for gadgets where you can work quietly. In addition, there is a separate area with snacks, desserts, and drinks. The hall works around the clock, there is Wi-Fi, TV, and Internet.



Most private flights are operated from a separate terminal – Skylink Services Executive Terminal. At the moment, it is the only handling company in Cyprus specializing in providing VIP class ground handling for private aviation aircraft at the airports of Larnaca and Paphos. The Skylink terminal in Larnaca is equipped with a spacious lounge that can accommodate up to 60 passengers at any time, there is a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere with the latest media and visual equipment, as well as high-speed Wi-Fi. In addition, there is always a selection of free hot and cold drinks. There is also a separate recreation area for crew members, as well as a separate area for meetings and conferences. In connection with the services we provide and the clients we deal with, our confidentiality is a priority. We strive to provide maximum comfort to each of our clients. In addition, we do not disclose any information about flights or passengers arriving through the Skylink terminal.


private jet flight from Larnaca


Business Aviation Terminal at Paphos Airport

The second largest international airport in Cyprus is Paphos. It was opened in 1983, the new terminal was made in 2008, designed for 2 million people per year. International IATA Code: PFO, ICAO: LCPH. The VIP terminal of the airport is open from 5 am to 23 pm. It has furniture, Internet, TV, air conditioning, you can take snacks and soft drinks, all conditions are created for people with disabilities.

Cyprus Private Jets will help tourists arriving on our business jets to arrange a comfortable transfer to their final destination. Due to our help, customers will be able to get to any city on the island by premium car - Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, Nicosia. We will also help with the organization of a return transfer when departing from Cyprus. The company's employees always take into account all the wishes of the client and try to make sure that the stay on the island has only the most pleasant impressions.


private jet flight from Paphos


Comparison of business aviation and scheduled flights

  Business aviation Regular flight
Departure schedule flexible, convenient for you strictly on schedule
Personal luggage no limits limited, with payment
for overweight
Departure through private VIP terminal common air terminal
Check-in for a flight in 30 minutes in 1.5 - 2 hours
Route corrections at your request not possible
Passage of customs and passport control fast track standard
Waiting in the VIP lounge included in the price for extra fee
Meals on board from VIP restaurants and cafes standard
Flying with a dog/cat in the cabin available not possible
Sleep facilities full bed or sofa semi-folding armchair
Number of passengers on board controlled by you from 50 to 314 people



payment terms for renting a private jet


Terms of payment and refund if necessary

You can pay for a private flight using an invoice, bank transfer, or card. We try to be as flexible as possible, and in some cases, we will be able to accept payment in cash or using cryptocurrency. The company guarantees the preservation of the client's personal data and is always ready to consider alternative payment methods for services. We provide a full package of documents for accounting statements. We provide services to both individuals and legal entities.

The conditions for the refund of payment in case of flight cancellation or in force majeure situations are prescribed in the contract and are negotiated individually. In many ways, they depend on the chosen business jet since operators and owners of aircraft set individual conditions for canceling flights. If this is our fault, then Cyprus Private Jets will fully refund the funds. If the passenger refuses to fly, we will do everything possible to ensure that the fine is minimal for you.


payment methods in business aviation


Cyprus Private Jets team of employees

The high expertise of Cyprus Private Jets among similar air brokers in Europe is primarily due to the professionalism of our employees. Each member of our close-knit team has specialized education and extensive experience in business aviation. We have unique contacts with operators and owners of aircraft based at the airports of Larnaca and Paphos. Due to this, our clients have access to exclusive booking conditions for business jets and the possibility of urgent departures on the day of the request.


Air Broker Roman Sokolov
Roman Sokolov
Air Broker
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Air Broker Emily Janzen
Emily Janzen
Air Broker
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Air Broker Paul Blank
Paul Blank
Air Broker
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Air Broker Anna Skripko
Anna Skripko
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Air Broker Liam Weber
Liam Weber
Air Broker
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Air Broker Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas
Air Broker
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Air Broker Natalia Semenova
Natalia Semenova
Air Broker
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Air Broker Evgeny Berzins
Evgeny Berzins
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In addition to expertise in aviation, when choosing employees, we pay attention to the breadth of views and the way of thinking of candidates. That is why our employees are real like-minded people who are interested in VIP tourism, sports, technology, and innovation. Cyprus Private Jets employs people who are interested in active development in business aviation and related industries. We are open to new experiences and a flexible approach to solving tasks. The company's employees speak leading European languages (English, German, French, Russian, and Greek). Contracts and additional documentation are provided in English. The successful work of the company is confirmed by official certificates and awards, which can be found in the presentation on the website. We always take care of the comfort of our customers and try to make sure that they get the most pleasant flight experience.


TOP 16 main features of private flights:

Full protection
from viruses and bacteria
Highest security
20 minutes for
check-in and boarding
Liquids allowed
on board
luxury flight
Flexible prices and
booking conditions
Flights with pets
in the cabin
VIP transfer
by helicopter
24 hour
private flights
to 251 countries
Booking in less
than 2 minutes
VIP terminals
and lounge areas
Aircraft cabin
Online flight
price calculation