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Terms of return and cancellation of flights

The conditions for the refund of payment in case of flight cancellation or in force majeure situations are prescribed in the contract and are negotiated individually. In many ways, they depend on the chosen business jet since operators and owners of aircraft set individual conditions for canceling flights. If this is our fault, then Cyprus Private Jets will fully refund the funds. If the passenger refuses to fly, we will do everything possible to ensure that the fine is minimal for you.


terms of return and cancellation of flights


A refund for a private flight can be made by the passenger in whose name the booking was made, as well as by his representative under a notarized power of attorney, or by the person who paid for the flight, if there is appropriate confirmation. The conditions and terms of the return are determined by the terms of the agreement concluded between Cyprus Private Jets and the Passenger.

If you pay for transport services with a bank card, the transferred funds will be returned to your bank account within 10-30 business days (the period depends on the bank that issued your bank card).


We will quickly calculate the cost of a private flight



Action plan in case of a private jet breakdown?


1) Fast elimination of a technical problem.

If the plane cannot fly for technical reasons (AOG - aircraft on ground), then a professional and responsible broker who organized your flight, together with the airline, MUST work out all possible options for repairing a business jet.


2) Search for a new aircraft for the flight.

If it is impossible to quickly solve the technical problem, then the operator will most often provide a replacement aircraft on board of at least a class from its fleet. If this is not possible, then the airline and the broker jointly search for other aircraft of at least a class to operate the flight. The price of a replacement aircraft may be higher than what was originally provided, and here it already depends on the broker and the airline whether they will bear all the additional costs of arranging a new flight. We try to work with airlines that value their reputation, and with a high degree of probability they will resolve this issue at their own expense.

We are always ready to help you! If you are faced with the fact that your broker does not provide you with reliable information, does not offer a replacement aircraft, offers a lower class aircraft without adequate compensation, then you can contact Cyprus Private Jets and we will promptly select all possible options for your flight.


refund terms for private flight


It is important to understand that not a single aircraft or airline is immune from breakdowns, since the equipment is actively used and force majeure circumstances are possible. However, a professional and responsible company is distinguished by the fact that it quickly and adequately gets out of even difficult situations.

We wish you all good flights without breakdowns! Take care of your nerves and time - contact the professionals. Cyprus Private Jets is always happy to help you organize a private flight of any complexity.


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