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Helicopter rental for private flights

Cyprus Private Jets company provides services for the organization of flights by private helicopters. There are modern models in the fleet of the air broker: Eurocopter EC130 T2, AS350, AW109, AW119, AW139, Bell 429, and many others. We employ only experienced pilots with more than 12 years of experience. We guarantee an individual approach and flexible booking conditions. Flights are operated both in Cyprus and in European countries. The helicopters are often rented for flights to Nice, Zurich, Monaco, Chambery, Milan, Courchevel, and other resort cities. They are ideal for moving over medium distances in the shortest possible time. The peculiarity of a helicopter flight is that you can land almost anywhere or pick up a platform as close as possible to your place of stay. Urgent departures are possible, but in most cases, it is better to book a flight within 1-2 weeks before the date you are interested in. We work with both legal entities and individuals. Send us a request, and we will select the best private helicopter for your flight.


rent a helicopter in Cyprus


In the world practice of business aviation, the share of flights using helicopters is slightly more than 5%. However, more and more customers prefer this type of transport, since there are no restrictions for it. The aircraft is capable of landing and taking off from small platforms, including areas located at an incline. A size of only one and a half times the diameter of the screw is sufficient for any model. The technique is characterized by high mobility, advanced capabilities of hovering in place and moving in any direction. Modern helicopters are actively used both for delivering passengers to hard-to-reach places that are not equipped with runways and for moving in megacities.


We will quickly calculate the cost of a private flight



Advantages and features of private flights

Helicopters are in demand among all categories of passengers, starting with politicians and senior management of large corporations and ending with entrepreneurs, tourism organizations, and individuals.

Private helicopters are booked for:

  1. Business trips of individuals and groups of up to 10 people.
  2. Flights to remote regions (including resorts).
  3. Recreational and country walks.

They are also hired for aerial photography, monitoring and protection of objects, emergency evacuation.

One of the important advantages of the helicopter is the change in speed and altitude during the flight with the possibility of an unplanned landing. In comparison with airplanes (even light-engine ones), modern models are less sensitive to weather conditions, which expands the scope of application and makes this type of transport safe.


Business aviation in Cyprus


The cost of renting a helicopter for a private flight

We specialize in organizing flights in Cyprus and in Europe, where about 1100 business class helicopters are concentrated. The price of the service directly depends on many important factors, such as the number of passengers, the route, the waiting time for passengers or parking, the model of the helicopter, the wishes of the client, etc. The aviation consultants of Cyprus Private Jets will be happy to tell you about all the nuances of choosing a helicopter and help you choose the optimal model. There is a list of the most popular models, with approximate prices:

  • 3-seater Robinson R44 helicopter (flight distance - 650 km, flight speed - 210 km/h) – from 400 EUR per hour;
  • 4-seater Robinson R66 helicopter (flight distance - 610 km, flight speed - 222 km/h) – from 450 EUR per hour;
  • 5-seat Eurocopter AS350 helicopter (flight distance - 690 km, flight speed - 235 km/h) – from 650 EUR per hour;
  • 5-seater Eurocopter AS355 NP helicopter (flight distance - 731 km, flight speed - 222 km/h) – from 800 EUR per hour;
  • 6-seat Bell 407 helicopter (flight distance - 675 km, flight speed - 246 km/h) – from 800 EUR per hour;
  • 6-seat Bell 407GX helicopter (flight distance - 611 km, flight speed - 246 km/h) – from 1100 EUR per hour;
  • 7-seat Bell 429 helicopter (flight distance - 720 km, flight speed - 287 km/h) – from 1500 EUR per hour;
  • 7-seat Bell 430 helicopter (flight distance - 600 km, flight speed - 260 km/h) – from 2200 EUR per hour;
  • 7-seat Airbus Helicopters H135 T2e helicopter (flight distance - 630 km, flight speed - 260 km/h) – from 1600 EUR per hour;
  • 6-seater Eurocopter EC 130 T2 helicopter (flight distance - 616 km, flight speed - 236 km/h) – from 900 EUR per hour;
  • 6-seater Eurocopter EC 130 T2 helicopter (flight distance - 616 km, flight speed - 236 km/h) – from 900 EUR per hour;
  • 6-seater Agusta AW 109 helicopter (flight distance - 859 km, flight speed - 289 km/h) – from 1300 EUR per hour;
  • 7-seat Agusta AW 139 helicopter (flight distance - 1252 km, flight speed - 306 km/h) – from 2200 EUR per hour;
  • 7-seater Agusta A 119 Koala helicopter (flight distance - 990 km, flight speed - 281 km/h) – from 1000 EUR per hour;
  • 7-seater Leonardo Helicopters AW109 GrandNew helicopter (flight distance - 907 km, flight speed - 289 km/h) – from 1900 EUR per hour.


Please note that these are only approximate figures. As we have written above, the final price depends on many factors. In addition, only a small list of helicopters is reflected on the site. If you want to get a full list of models available for rent, you can contact the managers by phone or via e-mail helicopters@jets.cy


private helicopter rental cost


Types of private helicopters

On average, the non-stop distance for modern models is 500-700 km with a cruising flight speed of 300-350 km/h.

In business aviation, equipment with one or two engines is used. Single-engine models are distinguished by high operational flexibility and moderate booking costs. Twin-engine models are considered more reliable due to the safety net of the second power unit. If there is an emergency, the pilot will have enough time to choose a suitable platform and make a soft landing. In practice, there is no difference between the models — modern helicopters are equipped with multi–stage protection systems and flight navigation equipment capable of coping with any situation.

Individual flights are usually served by helicopters with one engine. If we talk about a group of passengers from 3 to 10 people, it is preferable to book a private flight by helicopter with two power plants. Models with spacious interiors are able to cover up to 900 km with a single gas filling, which is quite enough for popular distances in Europe. Depending on the carrying capacity, there are 3 groups of helicopters:


Helicopter classification Take-off weight
Ultralight Within 1 ton
Light Up to 4,5 tons
Medium No more than 13 tons


Our company mainly presents business class models, ideal for private aviation. We are often asked about the possibility of renting models with a lifting capacity of over 13 tons. These are massive helicopters used for the delivery of oversized cargo, so they are rarely used in business aviation. However, according to your request, we will try our best to find a suitable option.


business aviation services


Possibilities of combined flights

Cyprus Private Jets clients have combined VIP transportation at their disposal, during which part of the journey is covered by a business jet, and the rest of the route is carried out by a helicopter. It's not only convenient, but also profitable. Customers do not worry about connections and carrier changes — all the duties about the flight are performed by our company. From the moment of arrival at the original airport to landing at the destination, passengers enjoy the journey, without delays and unnecessary difficulties. You will be able to arrive at your final destination as quickly and safely as possible.


Scheme of our work
01.Request for a private flight
02.Choosing an aircraft,

agreeing on additional services
and nuances

03.Conclusion of the

and making payments

04. We will provide information
about the flight,

crew and
all the details

05.Departure from
the VIP terminal

of the airport
at the appointed time


Helicopter taxi

Helicopter taxi is in demand among businessmen, show business stars, and athletes. If you need to visit several different destinations, a helicopter is the fastest transport. The convenience and indispensability of renting a helicopter is that you are not tied to airfields and airports at all. The helicopter can be used on almost any surface (a small platform, the roof of a house, parking). In addition, there are no traffic jams and traffic lights in the sky at all. That is why helicopter taxi is becoming an increasingly popular and convenient service every year.

Do not forget that arriving by helicopter is a great opportunity to indicate your business position. Arriving at the negotiations by helicopter will make a proper impression and will not go unnoticed. Hourly rental is possible, check with the company's managers for details. Helicopter taxi service is valid for all citizens of Cyprus and European countries.


private jet rental


Popular European routes

In most countries, the mountainous terrain of the countryside and the transport situation in megacities increases the share of the use of business aviation helicopters from year to year. If we talk about the distances from 200 to 900 km, then it is much easier, faster, and more profitable to use a board equipped for VIP flights than to get by car, losing nerves and time in traffic jams.

In the EU countries, private helicopters are used for:

  • Flights to resorts that are located in the mountains or for heli skiing (downhill skiing or snowboarding).
  • Business of flights between neighboring countries.
  • Pleasure charters for hunting or fishing.
  • Organization of entertainment tours for the wedding.
  • Sightseeing tours from the air along popular tourist routes.

In mountainous areas, helicopters continue to be the main technical means to meet the needs of medical evacuation. Our company provides a full range of business aviation services and will help you book a private helicopter for flights of any type.


VIP service at all stages of the flight


How to choose a suitable helicopter

Customers often have no idea which model to rent for a flight, focusing on their preferences on the advice of business partners or acquaintances. Cyprus Private Jets consultants will help you choose an option that meets the requirements for cabin equipment and technical characteristics. We will promptly provide the necessary medical equipment and personnel for sanitary flights. We will provide from 3 to 5 options with a detailed description of technical characteristics, photos, and a detailed description of the interior. Crews servicing business aviation helicopters undergo annual professional retraining, including working out actions in emergency situations. European teams are distinguished by pedantry, responsibility, strict compliance with pre-flight training regulations.

If you book a private helicopter with a crew, we guarantee the safety of the flight, smooth piloting, and a cozy atmosphere on board. The company's unique database allows you to choose the right model based on your budget and preferences.


business class helicopter flight


Profitable flights in Europe

Cyprus Private Jets company organizes helicopter flights both in Cyprus and anywhere in the European Union. Mountain resorts of Italy, Austria, France, secluded villas in the Alps and on the Mediterranean coast are open to you. If you wish, you can easily change the city and even the country, going for new impressions. We work 24 hours, 7 days a week so that every minute of your time is spent with benefit and pleasure.


payment terms for renting a private jet


Terms of payment and refund if necessary

You can pay for a private flight using an invoice, bank transfer, or card. We try to be as flexible as possible, and in some cases, we will be able to accept payment in cash or using cryptocurrency. The company guarantees the preservation of the client's personal data and is always ready to consider alternative payment methods for services. We provide a full package of documents for accounting statements. We provide services to both individuals and legal entities.

The conditions for the refund of payment in case of flight cancellation or in force majeure situations are prescribed in the contract and are negotiated individually. In many ways, they depend on the chosen business jet since operators and owners of aircraft set individual conditions for canceling flights. If this is our fault, then Cyprus Private Jets will fully refund the funds. If the passenger refuses to fly, we will do everything possible to ensure that the fine is minimal for you.


payment methods in business aviation


Cyprus Private Jets team of employees

The high expertise of Cyprus Private Jets among similar air brokers in Europe is primarily due to the professionalism of our employees. Each member of our close-knit team has specialized education and extensive experience in business aviation. We have unique contacts with operators and owners of aircraft based at the airports of Larnaca and Paphos. Due to this, our clients have access to exclusive booking conditions for business jets and the possibility of urgent departures on the day of the request.


Roman Sokolov
Air Broker
additional number 01 roman@jets.cy Call
Emily Janzen
Air Broker
additional number 02 emily@jets.cy Call
Paul Blank
Air Broker
additional number 03 paul@jets.cy Call
Anna Skripko
Air Broker
additional number 04 anna@jets.cy Call
Liam Weber
Air Broker
additional number 05 liam@jets.cy Call
Ryan Thomas
Air Broker
additional number 06 ryan@jets.cy Call
Natalia Semenova
Air Broker
additional number 07 natalia@jets.cy Call
Evgeny Berzins
Air Broker
additional number 08 evgeny@jets.cy Call


In addition to expertise in aviation, when choosing employees, we pay attention to the breadth of views and the way of thinking of candidates. That is why our employees are real like-minded people who are interested in VIP tourism, sports, technology, and innovation. Cyprus Private Jets employs people who are interested in active development in business aviation and related industries. We are open to new experiences and a flexible approach to solving tasks. The company's employees speak leading European languages (English, German, French, Russian, and Greek). Contracts and additional documentation are provided in English. The successful work of the company is confirmed by official certificates and awards, which can be found in the presentation on the website. We always take care of the comfort of our customers and try to make sure that they get the most pleasant flight experience.


Company management

Our company is always open for constructive communication and dialogue. You can ask your questions, express wishes and evaluate the work of our employees by writing directly to the heads of departments:


Vanessa Walsh

Vanessa Walsh - Head of the Limassol office (email: vanessa.walsh@jets.cy).



Simon Allen

Simon Allen - Head of the Larnaca office (email: simon.allen@jets.cy).



Nicolas Andreou

Nicolas Andreou - Head of the Paphos office (email: nicolas.andreou@jets.cy).



Edgars Ozols

Edgars Ozols - Head of the Riga office (email: edgars.ozols@jets.cy).



Sharon Wiggins

Sharon Wiggins - Head of the Hamburg office (email: sharon.wiggins@jets.cy).



Catherine Chapman

Catherine Chapman - Executive Director (email: catherine.chapman@jets.cy).



Richard Blake

Richard Blake - Founder and CEO (email: richard.blake@jets.cy).


You can contact the company management or send a request for a flight through the online form on the website:




Offices of business aviation companies in Cyprus

Cyprus Private Jets is represented by three operating offices - in Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca. In addition, we have two international offices in Riga and Hamburg. We ask you to coordinate the time of the visit in advance so that we can prepare all the necessary documents for issuing a pass. If you plan to arrive by car, please tell us the number of your car and we will reserve a place for you in the underground parking.

We want to emphasize that we are not limited to our offices. The philosophy of our company is a flexible and individual approach to each client. Therefore, we are always ready to meet in a place convenient for you or arrange a flight remotely.


photo of Cyprus Private Jets office in Limassol


Company office in Limassol


Address: Porto Bello Business, Siafi 1 Limassol, 3041 Kioproulouzate, Limassol, Cyprus

Email address: limassol@jets.cy

Opening hours: daily from 6:30 to 00:00.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office:



photo of Cyprus Private Jets office in Paphos


Company office in Paphos


Address: 8061 Pafos International Airport, Pafos, Cyprus (Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Πάφου)

Email address: pafos@jets.cy

Opening hours: daily from 7:00 to 23:30.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office:



photo of Cyprus Private Jets office in Larnaca


Company office in Larnaca


Address: 6650 Larnaka International Airport, Larnaka, Cyprus (Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Λάρνακας)

Email address: larnaca@jets.cy

Opening hours: daily from 7:30 to 23:00.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office: