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A frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Airbroker "Cyprus Private Jets" answered the most popular questions on business aviation from our customers. We have examined in detail all the nuances of private jet flights in Europe. In addition, you can ask our specialists a question by phone, via WhatsApp messenger or by e-mail. We will be happy to assist you!


Popular customer questions and answers from our experts:


Tell us the main stages of organizing a business jet flight


Can the customer ask for a replacement crew?

Cyprus Private Jets cooperates with professional crews of pilots and flight attendants who have extensive experience working on different models of business jets. We introduce the client to the team that will fly the plane and serve passengers in the cabin in advance. This makes it possible to ask them any questions and clarify the most important points. As a rule, after personal acquaintance, the desire to change the flight crew disappears. However, if a replacement is still necessary for the client, then we, for our part, will do everything possible to find a flight crew that suits all parameters.


Are there conditions for working, holding meetings, and solving other business issues in the business jet cabin?

In most cases, the salons of private planes have Internet access, there are stations for charging gadgets and separate zones for work. When submitting an application, you need to specify the type of flight. Cyprus Private Jets, for its part, will do everything possible to ensure that passengers, if necessary, can continue to work on a laptop, hold a remote meeting, and give orders to subordinates left on the ground.


In what ways does your company offer to pay for the rental of an airplane?

Cyprus Private Jets offers its customers several options for paying for services – in cash at the company's office, by bank transfer, or by card. It is possible to pay for the flight using cryptocurrency. If necessary, we will be able to issue an invoice. The selected payment option and the terms of payment are always prescribed in the contract.


After signing the contract, is it possible to increase the number of business jet passengers?

Yes, there is nothing complicated in this, but only under one condition – the capacity of the board should be sufficient to accommodate additional people. In this case, the rental fee also increases, but only for the cost of VIP service and meals on the plane. We recommend that you submit the final passenger list no later than one day before departure, this will allow us to organize meals and service on board so that it fully satisfies the client and his guests.


What package of documents do I need to provide when booking a business jet?

When submitting an application, a person booking a flight for himself or for a company of relatives and friends will have to provide only an identity document. If the plane is booked for a legal entity, the company's details will be required.


How can I book a business jet?

In Cyprus Private Jets planes are booked as it is convenient for the client. He/she can personally come to the office and leave a request or contact us by phone and email. The request is then processed, the information necessary for the organization of the flight is clarified, and we provide the customer with a choice of several business jets suitable for his/her requirements.

After selecting the aircraft, a contract is concluded and signed with the client. Be sure to clarify whether a transfer is necessary or not, we can also assist in finding and booking accommodation. After agreeing on all the nuances, a contract is drawn up and signed.


How does a charter flight differ from a regular one?

A charter flight differs from a regularly scheduled flight in the fact that it is prepared individually in each case. The client chooses the date and time of departure, the route of the aircraft, and indicates whether stops are necessary on the way. The customer also approves the menu, relying primarily on their desires.

A scheduled flight is a flight that is prepared in advance, sometimes several months before the departure date. The plane is flying on an approved route, and it cannot deviate to the side. It is impossible to change the schedule of such a liner.


Is it acceptable to be late for a charter flight?

It is allowed to be late for a rented plane for a period not longer than one hour. However, it is advisable to warn the personal manager about this as early as possible. If you are flying on the Jet Sharing system, then delays are not allowed. A flight using this system is organized for several people at once, some of them may be in a hurry for connecting flights, so a delay on the way may completely disrupt their plans. The same applies to private flights using the Empty Legs system.


If you order a VIP service, will the registration on board be faster?

Yes, VIP service simplifies and speeds up registration. According to a copy of the client's passport, the personal manager will go through all the registration procedures in advance. Business jet passengers will only have to arrive at the terminal within about 30 minutes before departure. After the screening, they immediately receive boarding passes. It remains only to wait for information about the readiness of the board for departure and go to the plane's ramp.


What are the differences between a business jet and conventional civil aviation aircraft?

Business aviation uses some of the safest and most modern aircraft of recent generations. The comfortable cabins of such liners are equipped with transformable furniture, noise reduction, and air conditioning systems. Pressure equalizing installations are switched on at altitude. There are areas for charging gadgets in the cabin, and many planes have separate compartments for work and rest. In such conditions, the flight can be compared to staying in the best rooms of famous hotels in Europe.

The difference between business jets and civil airliners can also be considered their sufficiently high speed, many private planes can cover a distance of 8-12 thousand km not only quickly but also without landing for refueling. The exclusive liners have a full kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, and a bedroom. If necessary, a pet can be transported in the cabin of such an aircraft.


Can a business jet passenger order vegetarian meals?

Catering involves the delivery of any dishes pre-ordered by the customer booking the plane. We find out the culinary tastes of passengers and select the menu based on them. Dishes are ordered from the best restaurants in your region. It is also advisable to specify the size of portions and preferences in drinks. Passengers with allergies are advised to immediately specify all food allergens – the menu will be compiled taking into account this information.

Cyprus Private Jets employees can properly organize meals for babies, breastfeeding mothers, and people who follow diet therapy or eat exclusively vegetarian food. We guarantee not only the high taste qualities of the dishes but their freshness and beautiful presentation.


If a departure on a charter flight is urgently needed, how much can you arrange it for?

Not always a flight to another city or country is planned in advance. Sometimes there is an urgent need to be in the right place as soon as possible. Cyprus Private Jets operates without interruptions seven days a week, so you can contact us both day and night. We will try our best to arrange a flight within 3-5 hours. This time is often enough for our air brokers to be able to find a suitable business jet, send all the necessary requests to aviation services, and call the crew. All work is clearly distributed among specialists, so overlays happen extremely rarely. After the flight is agreed upon, the customer signs the contract, makes the payment, and can board.


Are all airports available for business aviation or not?

When booking an airplane, a business aviation client can choose absolutely any airport for takeoff and landing. Business aviation planes can land even where landing for civilian models is prohibited.

Cyprus Private Jets considers each aviation task individually. We can offer combined flights in order for our customers to spend as little time on the road as possible and at the same time land as close as possible to the final destination. This is the name of flights involving a helicopter, this is especially necessary if the runway is too short for the landing of the liner.


What procedures do passengers undergo in the VIP terminal?

Passengers of the booked business jet need to arrive at the airport within approximately 20-30 minutes before the departure time specified in the contract. The personal manager needs to inform the make and number of the car that will take you to the territory of the air hub within about a day in advance. This is necessary for unhindered access to the territory.

At the terminal, passengers submit their passports for verification. You should immediately specify which bags you will take to the salon and which ones need to be loaded into the cargo compartment. Then you need to wait for the issuance of a boarding pass, after which you can go onboarding. Those passengers who plan to issue a declaration or Tax-Free at the terminal need to arrive at the airport within about 40 minutes before departure.


Can your company deliver food from the restaurant specified by the customer?

There are restaurants that are officially engaged in the preparation of on-board meals. We can deliver any selected dishes from such restaurants. However, the employees of our company will do everything possible to deliver dishes from the places specified by the client when drawing up the contract.


After agreeing on the route, can it be changed?

It is quite possible to change the flight of a business jet on an already selected and agreed route in most cases for an additional fee. However, Cyprus Private Jets cannot always solve this issue positively. This is primarily due to the fact that route correction may require certain shifts in other flights and obtaining new slots, which is often difficult to do.


Is it possible to register 2-5 more passengers on a booked business jet within a few hours before departure?

This is acceptable if the capacity of the board is sufficient. So, for example, when booking an aircraft designed for 10-12 people, you can take no more than 4-6 people on board instead of the specified 6. However, it should also be taken into account that if you want to make changes, it is sometimes necessary to take into account the direction of the route. In some European countries, additional permits must be obtained for the departure of passengers not previously mentioned, and this may take time, which in turn leads to a flight delay. Accordingly, it is recommended to negotiate additional air passengers with an air broker within at least 24 hours in advance, then, there will be no overlaps.


Is it possible to cancel the departure of an already paid plane?

The client can refuse to fly on a business jet at any time. However, the sooner this is done, the less likely it is to pay fines. If the flight is canceled within less than 24 hours before the time specified in the contract, the rent will most often have to be paid in full.

However, Cyprus Private Jets always tries to act in the interests of clients, so our lawyers will do everything possible to solve the problem, and ultimately the penalties should be minimal.


Is it possible to connect to Wi-Fi and make a phone call in the cabin of a business jet?

The availability of high-speed Internet and satellite communications depends on the model of the liner. Upgraded aircraft and business jets of the latest releases, as a rule, have transmitters that provide stable communication. And this, in turn, makes it possible not to interrupt communication with loved ones, hold meetings, or work on a laptop. However, it should be borne in mind that the high–speed interior is paid separately - for every hour of use.

If you need Wi-Fi and telephone communication with the ground during the flight, then these requirements must be specified in the application. In this case, the Cyprus Private Jets aviation expert will look for only those business jets in the database that will meet these parameters.


Is smoking allowed in the cabin of a private plane?

Smoking is not allowed on all business aircraft. Passengers need to indicate in advance that they need a smoking board. The operator will pick up the liner where the conditions for smoking during the flight are provided. Elite models have separate seats for those who cannot do without smoking.

Those who fly in the Jet Sharing format will be allowed to smoke in the cabin only if other flight participants do not mind.


What information should customers receive after the flight is allowed?

After determining the date of departure and the exact time, the client is given a contract certified with seals and signatures. Our customers receive a Flight Brief via smartphone or email within 24 hours before the scheduled flight. This term in business aviation refers to the entire program of the upcoming flight, indicating the model of the business jet, its main flight characteristics, and transfer features. Customers also receive information about the crew and contacts of those services at the airport that may be required at the departure and arrival stage.


Are there restrictions on passengers' personal baggage in business aviation?

Passengers can take as many things as they can fit in the luggage compartment on board a business jet. At the stage of choosing an aircraft, the customer can also get acquainted with the dimensions of the luggage compartment and then navigate them, collecting bags for the flight.

If it is necessary to transport oversized luggage, you need to warn the air broker about this beforehand. Focusing on this information, Cyprus Private Jets will select a board on which all passengers will comfortably accommodate, and there will be room for personal belongings and non-standard items in size and weight.


Does your company provide a transfer service?

Yes, we can take passengers to the departure airport on comfortable transport, and after landing, we will provide a car that will comfortably deliver them to their place of residence.


Can you help book a hotel room, a private apartment, a yacht, or a helicopter?

Cyprus Private Jets provides a full range of concierge services that can make a stay in a new country as comfortable as possible for the client. A personal manager will choose accommodation based on the client's wishes and book it, rent a car for a certain time, and help buy tickets for sports events and concerts.


Conditions for booking and approving a private flight

After submitting the application and agreeing on the nuances of the flight, the client will have to provide copies of the documents of the business jet passengers. They are necessary to obtain permits from the aviation services of specific states. Sometimes there are difficulties in obtaining access to the departure of the aircraft or its landing, unfortunately, some responsible persons delay their issuance. In such situations, Cyprus Private Jets tries to use the already established connections and enlists the help of service managers who will help solve this issue. In most cases, this approach gives a positive result, that is, in 95% of cases, our clients receive all the necessary permissions.


More about Cyprus Private Jets


How does your company differ from other air brokers?

Initially, we always try to fulfill all our obligations so that our customers are completely satisfied with the result. The main thing for our company is the comfort of passengers. We make the flight pleasant at all its stages, starting from the application and ending with comprehensive assistance after landing. Almost all requests of the flight customer are always fully fulfilled.


How do you rate your employees?

Every employee of Cyprus Private Jets is valuable. Our specialists are perfectly able to cope with the duties assigned to them by specialized education and close interaction with colleagues. We have a team of professionals working, each of whom performs his part of the work on each application. Most of our employees are fluent in foreign languages, so negotiations with foreign aviation services do not cause difficulties. We are constantly improving customer interaction programs, striving to improve our service, and are currently considered one of the best business aviation companies operating in Europe.


Why is cooperation with your company beneficial for customers?

The organization of the flight by our employees implies the exact fulfillment of all obligations, even in cases when it is necessary to make every effort to solve the tasks set. We offer first-class service, an individual approach, and all guarantees that meet international standards to each client who has contacted us.


Does your company have a responsibility for the preservation of personal data and personal information of customers?

Cyprus Private Jets guarantees complete flight confidentiality. All passenger data are known only to the manager who draws up the contract and is responsible for the organization of the flight. Each of our employees signs an agreement on the non-proliferation of customer information when applying for a job. We store data about all our passengers in those systems, hacking which is practically impossible. The privacy of our customers is reliably protected, we can guarantee for sure that third parties will not find out about the planned or completed flight from us.


Cyprus Private Jets Guarantees


What can you expect when canceling a scheduled flight by an air broker or a client?

If the departure of a business jet is canceled by the customer himself, then we try to make sure that the penalty is as minimal as possible. If our company cancels the flight itself, we guarantee not only the full return of the payment already made but also the receipt of compensation by the client.


Is there business jet flight insurance?

This is an indispensable clause of the contract. If you don’t have passenger insurance, aviation services cannot allow the departure of any airliner.


Features of the Empty Legs service


What is the Empty Legs service?

In aviation, “Empty Legs” is used to refer to return flights, that is, those private planes that, after delivering passengers to the destination airport, return to the base with an empty cabin. Anyone can book a return flight if they are flying in the right direction. The cost of a flight using the Empty Legs system is 30-70% cheaper compared to the classic business jet armor. At the same time, this service fully includes all the advantages of business aviation.


What are the distinctive features of Empty Legs?

As for business aviation customers, the most attractive thing is the price. However, it is precisely because of the affordable cost that several passengers can apply for a flight at the same time. Therefore, if there is a suitable offer on the air broker's website for you to fly in the Empty Legs format, it is advisable to book the plane immediately.


Is it possible to fly on business aviation planes at a discount?

If you want to make a private flight but the budget is limited – we suggest considering 3 relevant options:

  • Book a plane flying after the flight to the home airport empty (booking according to the Empty Legs format);
  • Rent a seat on an airplane using the Jet Sharing system;
  • Divide the full cost of renting a business jet into 2-3 families, a company of colleagues or friends (find fellow travelers).

Cyprus Private Jets operators are ready to tell you about all the nuances of the methods described above and will be happy to help you book a flight.


Does the Empty Legs flight have a different level of service compared to a regular flight?

Cyprus Private Jets never deviates from the service standards accepted in business aviation. All passengers, regardless of the type of flight they have booked, can count on full comfort and fulfillment of all obligations specified in the contract.


Features of flights with animals


Is it allowed to transport pets in the cabin of a private plane?

On board a business jet, pets can be transported directly in the cabin of the aircraft, next to themselves. However, when flying to another country, it is necessary to clarify the rules for importing animals into the state. Most often, a veterinary passport and certain vaccinations are required. Cyprus Private Jets aviation experts will guide you regarding the current requirements and laws, both in the country of departure and arrival. We have extensive experience in organizing flights for dogs, cats, and other pets.


Is it possible to take an animal on a flight regardless of its weight?

It is allowed to transport animals weighing up to 13 kg in the cabin of private planes. However, if necessary, we can allow dogs or other pets weighing up to 50 kg to be taken on board. A special durable carrier is required for the transportation, or the animal will need to be secured on a leash in a certain place of the cabin.


Will it be necessary to buy a separate place for the animal?

Those who have completely bought a private plane or are flying on the Empty legs system do not need to pay separately for the animal.


Is it possible to release a pet from the carrier during the flight?

If the flight lasts more than 3 hours, then most crews allow the animal to be released from the carrier for a while. However, this point must be clarified in advance with your personal manager.


What do you do if an animal has damaged the upholstery, interior trim, or stained the coverings?

When drawing up the contract, we can include the amount that fully or partially compensates for the costs of cleaning and restoring the interior. If this item is not present, then you will need to pay for the dry cleaning after the careless actions of the animal.


Flight safety


Can you guarantee the complete safety of all passengers flying on your planes?

We are confident in the professionalism of all official services directly involved in the preparation of the flight. It largely determines the safety of the flight throughout its entire length. Cyprus Private Jets also guarantees the reliability of all aircraft involved in flights, we strictly monitor the passage of maintenance and will provide you only with those liners that have been thoroughly inspected by specialists before the flight.


How are business jets checked for the absence of technical malfunctions?

Special ground services are responsible for timely technical inspection and maintenance of aircraft. The responsible employee monitors compliance with the deadlines of all types of maintenance, conducts testing of the most important aircraft systems, and a team of specialists prepares the board for departure. In business aviation, all private planes are upgraded every few years – new navigation equipment is installed, which increases flight safety.


How do you assess the level of training of your pilots?

In business aviation, pilots are paid a good salary, so air brokers have the opportunity to choose the best professionals in their field. Hiring is accompanied by testing skills in conditions close to real. Pilots are accepted into the staff only if the medical board has confirmed their excellent mental and physical health. Cyprus Private Jets cooperates only with those pilots who have certificates for managing a specific business jet model. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that if a business jet belongs to a specific operator, in most cases, a specific inventory is already assigned to it.


If you feel worse in the air, will the flight attendants be able to provide professional assistance to the passenger?

Flight attendants are allowed to work only after passing medical care courses and passing exams.


What should I do if a passenger was injured during the flight?

Initially, the flight attendant assesses the nature of the injury and, based on this, provides first aid – immobilizes the limb, applies a bandage, and gives an anesthetic. After landing, the personal manager calls an ambulance, and the victim is taken to a medical facility.


What should I do if my luggage is lost or damaged?

It is extremely difficult for business aviation passengers to lose their luggage since all things are in the cargo compartment of a rented aircraft. However, our company also additionally insures luggage not only from loss, but also from damage.


Are there cases of cheating passengers in business aviation?

Private aviation has been actively developing. It is not surprising that its market is gradually being filled with new air carriers. Unfortunately, some of them rely only on making a quick profit, that is, they are created in order to collect money from gullible citizens. If you don’t want to fall for the tricks of scammers, it is necessary to approach the choice of an air carrier responsibly. It is best to trust those companies that have been working for more than 5 years, conclude an official contract with the client, and provide all the necessary documentation. The endless postponement of the departure date, the replacement of the business jet chosen by the client to another board, the increase in payment, the imposition of unnecessary services almost always indicate that the air broker is unscrupulous and does not deserve trust.

Cyprus Private Jets has been known in business aviation in Europe for more than 14 years. We work in compliance with European standards of service, and non-fulfillment of obligations by our employees leads to the imposition of huge fines on the company, so we always try to make sure that the interests of each client are fully respected.


What if the client is denied permission to leave the country or banned from entering the destination country?

The contract with each client of Cyprus Private Jets is made individually. It prescribes all the risks that are most likely for the business jet customer. Even before drawing up the contract, our lawyers carefully study the nuances of the upcoming flight so we bring only reliable information to the client. The customer's signature in the contract indicates that he fully agrees with all the points and has no claims in case of force majeure situations. For its part, the legal department of our company does everything to ensure that the client receives the documents he needs for departure. We can request information from customs in advance to avoid such risks in the future.

If the risks are spelled out in the contract, and the aviation services do not give permission for departure, then the air broker is obliged to reimburse the client for the entire amount spent on booking a business jet.


Service for passengers with limited mobility and persons with disabilities


Is there an escort service in your company for those who find it difficult to move independently?

Accompanying disabled citizens is a mandatory point of standard service. A special employee meets passengers with disabilities at the airport and provides them with all necessary assistance before boarding the aircraft. Our employees help to pass customs and passport control, ensure the convenience of moving around the building, and track the loading of luggage. On board, a business jet, experienced flight attendants look after passengers with limited mobility.


Is it necessary to inform your company in advance about the flight of a passenger with disabilities?

Yes, it is best to report that there will be a passenger with limited mobility on board at the time of application. This will allow us to carefully design the flight so that at each of its stages, a physically limited person is in the most comfortable conditions.


Is the escort service paid separately?

No additional payment is required if only the standard service of a passenger with limited mobility is ordered when booking the aircraft. The service included in it can be clarified with the operator when submitting an application.


Rules for the organization of medical flights


What documents do I need to provide to arrange a medical flight?

A medical flight is organized on the basis of a certificate of discharge from a medical institution, it indicates the diagnosis of the passenger, the conditions for transportation by air, and the number of accompanying persons. You will also need an identity card and all the official documents that ordinary tourists need for a flight to another country.


How does a medical flight differ from a regular flight?

Transportation of a seriously ill or bedridden passenger for treatment to a specialized clinic in another city or state on a regular business jet is impossible since, in this case, it will be difficult to comply with all the conditions of a safe flight. A sanitary flight is organized for such clients. It is possible on a special medical aircraft, which is already initially equipped with everything necessary for transporting seriously ill people and providing emergency assistance in the air.

If the injury is not too serious, you can send the client to the destination on a business jet. However, the plane is additionally being prepared for departure. The interfering installations of stretchers and chair equipment are removed from the cabin. Instead, the Lifeport module is installed, it includes a place for the patient in a supine position, a set of life support devices, and devices for measuring physical data and administering drugs.

Seriously ill passengers are sent on a flight only together with a team of paramedics. They monitor the passenger's condition throughout the journey, administer drugs if necessary, and provide emergency assistance if the state of health worsens. Doctors manage the loading and unloading of the patient and accompany him to the clinic.


How does a seriously ill person check-in for a medical flight?

The accompanying person is responsible for the paperwork in the departure area. The patient is taken directly to the plane by a regular car or ambulance. Passengers on stretchers or wheelchairs are lifted on board by ambulift.


When ordering a medical board to transport a patient, how many escorts can be on board?

A sanitary flight is prepared on the basis of a medical certificate. According to it, the recommended number of accompanying persons is indicated. In most cases, it is permissible to get only one accompanying person. However, when organizing the transportation of a seriously ill, paralyzed, or overweight patient, 1-2 more people may help.


Jet Sharing – what conditions can a passenger expect?


Where can I fly using the Jet Sharing system?

Chair-based aircraft rental is possible in any direction. However, most often, the flight in the Jet Sharing format is organized by air brokers at the most popular tourist locations, that is, to those places where foreigners prefer to fly on VIP holidays. Most flights are operated within the European Union and CIS countries. In rare cases, this service is used for intercontinental flights.


How does a Jet Sharing flight differ from a business class flight?

In the business class of an ordinary civil aircraft, passengers fly in slightly better conditions than in budget seats. Jet Sharing, despite the significant difference in price from the classic business jet flight, retains all the main advantages of business aviation. Passengers fly on comfortable private planes, departures take place through VIP terminals. We also note that customers can count on premium service throughout the flight. At the same time, an average of 4 to 10 people fly in the cabin, which makes you feel very comfortable.

Now, the majority of passengers who prefer to fly around Europe in business class of a conventional aircraft try to purchase tickets available under the Jet Sharing program whenever possible.


Is it possible to divide the cost of a flight according to the Jet Sharing format into 2-3 families?

If the capacity of the business jet allows, then individual families can buy seats in it. You can also organize a Jet Sharing flight yourself if you find like-minded people or friends with whom you can share the rental cost. For our part, we will also try to help you find travel companions for specific dates and directions.


What parameters affect the cost of a passenger seat if a flight using the Jet Sharing format is selected?

The ticket price, according to the chair rental format, is calculated individually in each case. The cost of the service depends on the cost of the flight hour of the business jet, its capacity, and the fullness of the cabin. The price also includes meals on board and service in airport business halls and VIP terminals.


If there are no flights under the chair rental program at the time of submitting the application, what can I do?

There are not always seats on planes flying on the Jet Sharing system, which is explained primarily by their favorable cost. Therefore, if there is no offer from an air broker, you can:

  1. Independently assemble a team of passengers who are ready to fly according to the Jet Sharing format. The service, in this case, will be more expensive compared to booking one seat but cheaper than booking a business jet completely;
  2. Apply to an air broker for a flight in the chair rental option. Cyprus Private Jets employees will do everything possible to find fellow travelers for the client who also needs to fly in the same direction. The departure date must also be agreed upon with all passengers.


If not all seats on the plane flying on the Jet Sharing system are redeemed, will the flight take place?

Cyprus Private Jets fully fulfills all its obligations. According to the chair rental format, our business jets take off on a pre-specified date. Passengers can be sure that if they have paid for the flight and received confirmation from the air broker, the flight will be carried out strictly according to schedule.


Are additional discounts available?

In the salons of airplanes departing from the airport using the Jet Sharing system, the cost of all seats is the same. The possibility of obtaining an individual discount can be discussed with a personal manager at the stage of drafting the contract.


Can I miss my flight?

In the case of the usual booking of a business jet, that is, when the plane is paid for by one customer, it is possible to delay the departure of the board for about 1-2 hours. The organization of a flight in the Jet Sharing format already excludes this possibility since all other passengers are not obliged to wait for one person. However, if most of them are late, then a delay of an hour is also acceptable.