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Private Jet Sharing

Jet Sharing is the most cost-effective option for a private jet flight. The service allows you to take advantage of all the advantages of business aviation and make a private flight in the format of a chair rental. In fact, you buy a separate seat on board (sofa or armchair), enjoy increased comfort, and share the cost of the flight with the rest of the passengers. As a rule, there will be from 3 to 9 passengers in the liner, which will reduce the cost of the flight by 70-90%, compared with a classic private flight. This service has gained particular popularity in Europe and Cyprus.

If you want to order a seat-based private jet rental, leave a request on the website or by phone. The consultant will call you to clarify the direction of the flight, preferences for the aircraft, the required number of seats, departure dates and will agree on the price of the flight. You will be able to study the current schedule of Jet Sharing flights and find the best option for yourself. If there is no flight that meets your requirements, Cyprus Private Jets will form a request for such a flight and start looking for fellow travelers. When the required number of participants is reached, a personal manager will call you to coordinate the details of cooperation and the organization of the flight.


Cyprus Jet Sharing


VIP service at airports, food, and drinks on board are included in the price. Additionally, you can book a transfer by car or helicopter from or to the airport. In addition to a full range of business aviation services, we provide a concierge service – within which we are ready to help with solving non-standard tasks. We guarantee an individual approach to each client.


Advantages of sharing

The chair rental of private aircraft has a number of advantages:

  1. You do not need to pay for the full rental of the liner – only reserved seats are paid.
  2. You can fly all over the world – if the right direction is not found, it will be formed according to your request.
  3. Comfortable conditions – nothing will bother you during the flight, highly reliable and safe aircraft are used in business aviation.
  4. Flexible baggage conditions depend on the selected aircraft model and the number of passengers.
  5. Comfortable waiting rooms – before departure, Jet Sharing passengers can stay in the VIP terminal, where there are no crowds of people, fast customs clearance is provided, security and confidentiality are guaranteed.
  6. Some flights provide access to television and the Internet during the flight.
  7. Check–in for the flight will take no more than 30 minutes - there is no need to arrive at the airport within 3 hours before departure.
  8. It is possible to transport pets in the cabin of the aircraft – it will give them less stress and preserve the health of the pet.
  9. Full organization of all the nuances of the flight on the part of the air broker.
  10. The opportunity to meet successful people who also share the values of business aviation.

We have tried to create the most flexible conditions for flights – in terms of directions, time, price, and other important nuances. Departures are usually formed within 10-30 days before the planned departure date, but in some cases, it is possible to book urgently. If there is no space left for the flight you are interested in, you will be able to book it promptly, and you will be able to depart in just 3-4 hours. Professional support services are also provided, and a personal broker is assigned to each client. The specialist will keep you up to date, answer questions, select flights, inform you about prices and any changes. We will take care of all the nuances associated with the upcoming flight and will be glad to continue our cooperation.


private jets in Cyprus


Cyprus Private Jets offers several options for the Jet Sharing format:

  1. SHUTTLE. From 4000 to 9000 EUR per seat on a flight following a certain schedule.
  2. DEALS. Let us pick up the passengers who will share the flight already booked with you.
  3. SHARING. As soon as we find travel companions for you, the cost of the flight will decrease for you personally.

Private business aviation aircraft are serviced at airports closed to scheduled airlines, for example, airports in Cannes, Biarritz, Grosseto, Pula, Paphos, Rovaniemi, Toulon, and many others.




Prices and examples of flights performed

The final cost of the flight is formed from the model of the aircraft, the route, and the number of passengers. As a rule, prices range from 4000 to 15000 euros if there are 4-6 customers. There are examples of flights performed using the Jet Sharing system:


private jet flights


Examples of completed private flights


Direction Aircraft Pax Price
Larnaca — Tbilisi Learjet 60XR 7 8 000 €
Larnaca — Rome Citation XLS+ 12 9 000 €
Larnaca — Geneva Phenom 300E 9 11 000 €
Larnaca — Olbia Hawker 750 8 10 000 €
Paphos — Chambery Piper M600 5 8 000 €
Paphos — Munich Global 6000 14 7 000 €
Larnaca — Lyon Challenger 350 9 9 000 €
Larnaca — Nice Challenger 604 11 8 000 €
Larnaca — Athens Pilatus PC12 NGX 8 7 000 €
Paphos — İstanbul Falcon 2000LX 10 8 000 €
Larnaca — Cannes Citation CJ3+ 7 10 000 €
Larnaca — London Legacy 500 10 15 000 €
Larnaca — Paris Citation XLS+ 9 8 000 €
Larnaca — Berlin Learjet 75 9 10 000 €
Larnaca — Malta Phenom 300E 9 11 000 €


Cyprus Private Jets experts will answer all your questions and help you choose the best flight using the Jet Sharing system.

Business jets flying on the Jet Sharing system are equipped with comfortable and stylish furniture, the latest multimedia equipment, there is access to satellite communications. On board, you will find a highly professional crew with extensive experience in conducting flights. By renting a business jet, you can order food and drinks from your favorite restaurant. Along the entire route, you are guaranteed security and strict confidentiality. Customs procedures and check-in for the flight will be carried out in a separate VIP lounge, where there are no crowds of passengers and long queues. This will help to minimize the time required to perform the procedures.

Renting a business jet using the Jet Sharing system is good not only because it allows you to save on the cost of the flight significantly. Using this option will give you the opportunity to make new interesting acquaintances that may be useful for business and personal purposes.


business aviation services


Who will be interested in this?

The jet-sharing format provides passengers with mobility, safety, and also has a number of other advantages. It is suitable if:

  • it is not possible to get tickets for a regular civil aviation flight;
  • an urgent flight is required on the day of the request;
  • you are interested in a flight of medium or short duration;
  • there is a desire to use the services of business aviation without overpayment;
  • you are flying as a family with children, elderly people;
  • it is necessary to organize a comfortable flight without the need to rent an entire board.

Both individuals and legal entities can use this service. There are flexible flight booking conditions. Simplified rules for flights and customs procedures at the airport apply to European residents.


We will quickly calculate the cost of a private flight



From our experience, customers often order Jet Sharing for:

  1. Tourist flights;
  2. Business flights for work;
  3. Sending children to study;
  4. A comfortable flight for elderly parents;
  5. Safe flight with a pet on board the aircraft.

We are open to cooperation and will be glad to become your reliable partner in business aviation.


Characteristics of business jets

The characteristics of the aircraft depend on its model. Modern business jets develop high travel speeds, rise to a height of 15 km or more. Due to such input data, flights over distances of about 12,000 km are possible without stops. The average capacity of a private plane is 12-18 passengers, there is a luggage compartment (its capacity is very different, depending on the model and brand of the liner). You can book any number of seats, book a flight only for your family, travel with fellow travelers. An aviation consultant will answer all your questions and help you choose the best option.

Currently, there are 2 jet sharing formats available to customers – applying for a new flight or participating in a planned flight. If you want to form a flight in the direction you are interested in, the managers of Cyprus Private Jets will search for fellow travelers who are also interested in flying along this route. We will also be able to offer you Empty Legs flights – which are also sold with serious discounts. This format is very much in demand when flying to European and CIS countries. Since we have 14 years of successful work in business aviation, we have managed to form a unique database of Empty Legs flights, which will open up new unique opportunities for you.


private jet rental


Scheme of work:

  1. You leave us a request to book a seat on a private plane.
  2. Our specialist will contact you to clarify the details related to the flight to a specific country.
  3. We add you to our booking system in a group for a specific date.
  4. As soon as the required number of passengers is collected, we contact you to conclude a contract and process the documents necessary for the flight.
  5. We order food according to your menu.
  6. You arrive at the agreed time at the VIP terminal and depart by private plane.

You can find out more detailed information and the cost of a ticket for a private plane on a specific date and direction from our specialists.


Scheme of our work
01.Request for a private flight
02.Choosing an aircraft,

agreeing on additional services
and nuances

03.Conclusion of the

and making payments

04. We will provide information
about the flight,

crew and
all the details

05.Departure from
the VIP terminal

of the airport
at the appointed time


Business Aviation services

This type of service is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that it allows you to maintain mobility and significantly save time in flight without sacrificing your own comfort. Renting a business jet or other type of airliner will allow you to be anywhere in the world in a short time, even if there is no developed transport connection there. At the same time, you will not have to waste time standing in traffic jams and queues.

Business aviation is always a personal service and a guarantee of safety. When ordering a private jet or renting a business jet, you will not have to depend on the schedule of regular flights and spend precious time in service on a general basis. A separate terminal is used for departure, and all mandatory procedures are carried out in the VIP lounge. The readiness of the aircraft and crew is always personally checked by our employees, regardless of the departure time. The fleet consists only of proven, comfortable business jets and other liners that have passed all the necessary maintenance. Experienced specialists work at the helm and on board. Each of them has passed strict qualification selection, as well as training and internships in the best foreign companies.


business aviation and private jets in Cyprus


Entrusting the organization of the trip to Cyprus Private Jets specialists, you needn’t worry about strict adherence to the schedule. Even if the flight is canceled on the airline's initiative, we will quickly select a new aircraft that meets all personal requirements. At the same time, by renting a business jet or using other business aviation services, you can adjust your own schedule yourself. The departure will be organized at a convenient time, and the route itself can be adjusted and changed if necessary. Thus, your personal manager always stays in touch and is ready to help with any issues.


Aircraft schedule

You can get acquainted with the departure schedule in advance on our website. The aircraft schedule contains departure dates, destinations, as well as information about the boarding place and ticket price. This will help you navigate the variety of offers and choose the optimal one for yourself in advance. If you have questions about the flight schedule or you have not found a flight on the right date, contact our managers in any convenient way, and we will find a decent solution for the current situation.


Empty Legs to Cyprus


Popular questions with expert answers


Do Jet Sharing have advantages over Business Class?

These advantages include a separate terminal at the airport of departure and arrival, a comfortable flight in the company of passengers of equal status, restaurant-type meals, and a range of drinks, no need to arrive at the airport within 3 hours before the start of the flight.


I definitely need to fly out today, and there are no available flights on your website. What should I do?

If there is an urgent need, you can rent a board for yourself or share a charter with another client. We will be able to help you find fellow travelers if you leave an order and state all your wishes for the organization of the flight.


I bought several seats under the Jet Sharing program, but the download is not complete. Can the flight be canceled?

If we have a private jet rental program open and tickets are sold for it, then cancellation is excluded. You can be 100% sure that the business aviation flight will take place even in the case of low occupancy of the board.


Can I count on a discount as a regular customer?

All seats under the Jet Sharing program in the cabin cost the same. Ask your personal manager about the discount. Perhaps we will do our best to find the most profitable flight option for you.


What should I do if I'm late for my flight?

If the board has been formed for you, a slight delay (within 30-60 minutes) is not critical. If you have bought one or more seats under the jet-sharing program, the plane will take off at the scheduled time. It is impossible to be late in this case because many passengers use our program as a transit option, that is, they are tied to regular flights in the country of arrival.


Where can I find out the flight schedule?

Send a request, and we will help you choose a suitable flight.


Cyprus private jet catalog


Where does the registration and customs control take place?

Procedures are carried out through VIP terminals separately from the maintenance of regular flights.


Is it possible to change the departure date?

The liners fly on schedule, so the date is determined in advance. The passenger should notify the air broker as soon as possible if he/she cannot take off. In most cases, the financial costs of reissuing the trip will be reduced.


What is the weight of baggage allowed on the flight?

Jet Sharing service involves more baggage transportation in comparison with business class. Check the exact weight on your route with the air broker. As a rule, this is about 25 kg.


How do scammers cheat?

Due to the growing popularity of business transportation services, companies with "profitable" offers have appeared. Immediately after paying for the flight, the flight can be postponed to an indefinite date, the comfortable board is replaced with a small jet, the ordered service is ignored. The worst thing is if your data, which has got into the network through fraud schemes, will prevent you from freely crossing borders in the future. There are many options for cheating, so you should be vigilant.


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