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Airbroker services "Cyprus Private Jets"

Cyprus Private Jets specializes in the organization of business jet flights in Europe. The high professionalism of our employees, constant monitoring of changes in the world, attentive attitude to each client is the key to a safe and comfortable flight. Each client is guaranteed a few quiet hours in the air in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. We solve the most non-trivial tasks, guarantee the confidentiality of the flight, and premium service on board. We have got 14 years of successful work in the business aviation of Cyprus, and we have accumulated extensive experience in solving aviation problems of any complexity. A unique fleet of private planes will delight even the most demanding customers.


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What we can offer

The main direction for the Cyprus Private Jets air broker is the countries of the European Union. Our company is based in Cyprus and cooperates with clients wishing to fly to the island from any airports in Europe and CIS countries. In addition, we carry out intercontinental flights on business liners to anywhere in the world. Urgent departures from the airports of Paphos and Larnaca are possible.

The company employs qualified employees who are able to organize various types of flights quickly and taking into account all the wishes of the client:

  • Classic charters for work or leisure. This is the most popular option among our customers. We will take into account all your wishes and find the best suitable private jet for the planned budget.
  • Corporate. The managers of large companies book business trips and for employees traveling to work in other branches or on a joint vacation with colleagues. We will help to organize a VIP transfer of your foreign partners and guests;
  • VIP charters for famous show business and media personalities;
  • Business flights. They differ from other types of flights by those conditions that allow you to conduct business negotiations, work on a laptop, receive information by phone or the Internet;
  • Medical flights. They are necessary for the transportation of seriously ill or injured passengers. We offer special sanitary planes with already installed modules for patients and life support equipment. Business jets are also available, the cabin of which can be quickly converted for the transportation of recumbents or passengers in a wheelchair;
  • Geological exploration from the air. Sometimes it is easier to conduct a survey of the territory from the aircraft, it is enough to install special equipment for monitoring the terrain in the cabin;
  • Special flights. They are booked for officials and top officials of states. Flights in this format take place in an environment of complete anonymity, and we offer the most comfortable liners equipped according to myrrh standards;
  • Shift flights. We organize the transportation of top management and employees to those locations where there is no operating airfield or, according to technical characteristics, it is not suitable for receiving civil aviation aircraft;
  • Sports charter flights. We offer comfortable private planes with a large capacity to transport a team of athletes together with a coach and service personnel;
  • Cargo transportation. Sometimes especially valuable and fragile goods and equipment need to be delivered by air since ground transportation can negatively affect the integrity of items or is impossible due to the lack of access roads to the destination. Cargo transportation of small but valuable items is carried out by business jets with a spacious cargo compartment. We guarantee the safety of luggage and ensure careful loading and unloading;
  • Recreational air tours. You can rent a business jet in Cyprus Private Jets in order to evaluate the sights of Europe from the air;
  • Wedding flights. Due to our help, the newlyweds will be able to get to a place of rest or comfortably deliver their guests to the wedding. We offer a fully decorated salon for a special event, a buffet table, and various additional services. The newlyweds will be able to remember a romantic flight for the rest of their lives;


Pets are allowed to be transported on business jets. The pet will be next to you in the cabin throughout the flight. The company's lawyers will give detailed information about the rules for transporting animals on an airplane - what documents will be required, whether it is possible to let a dog and cat walk around the cabin, whether additional vaccinations will be needed if a flight abroad is planned.




Passengers can always take some of their luggage with them. Moreover, almost all business jets have access to the cargo compartment directly from the cabin. In the company's database, there are planes where smoking is allowed on board. Cyprus Private Jets can also offer flights in Jet Sharing and Empty Legs formats – these are the most profitable options for flights within business aviation, allowing you to save up to 70% compared to the classic business jet rental.


Comparison of business aviation and scheduled flights

  Business aviation Regular flight
Departure schedule flexible, convenient for you strictly on schedule
Personal luggage no limits limited, with payment
for overweight
Departure through private VIP terminal common air terminal
Check-in for a flight in 30 minutes in 1.5 - 2 hours
Route corrections at your request not possible
Passage of customs and passport control fast track standard
Waiting in the VIP lounge included in the price for extra fee
Meals on board from VIP restaurants and cafes standard
Flying with a dog/cat in the cabin available not possible
Sleep facilities full bed or sofa semi-folding armchair
Number of passengers on board controlled by you from 50 to 314 people



Additional services

Cyprus Private Jets performs a full range of private aviation services, as well as offers customers additional services, due to which the flight can be made as comfortable as possible. Our company is ready to take over:

  1. Organization of transfer – passengers can arrive at the departure airport by a premium car or even by helicopter. It is possible to arrange a transfer at the arrival airport by car – our passengers will be able to immediately get to the house, the booked hotel, to the resort or to private apartments;
  2. Catering – delivery of exclusive dishes on board, including from the restaurant chosen by the client;
  3. Organization of business jet parking at the arrival airport;
  4. Professional protection of passengers with the involvement of bodyguards;
  5. Booking of rooms in hotels, villas, cottages.

In addition, we provide a wide range of concierge services. The air broker will help customers to rent a car, yacht, or helicopter for a period of several days to a month or more. If necessary, it is possible to select VIP entertainment, book tickets for entertainment and sports events, organize a buffet for business partners. We have a flexible approach to any customer's wishes and will do everything possible to solve the tasks assigned to us.


business aviation services


Advantages of cooperation with business aviation

Business aviation has become even more popular in the last few years. By booking a private jet, passengers get a unique opportunity to travel alone or with close friends and relatives on board, which significantly reduces the risk of infectious diseases (which is especially valuable in times of a pandemic). However, the decline of covid has not reduced the need for charter flights. Residents of Europe, CIS countries, and other countries appreciated all the advantages of private aviation, including:

  • Individual approach to the organization of the flight. The customer chooses the route, and the airport of take-off and landing. For its part, Cyprus Private Jets tries to make sure that the plane takes off at a date and time convenient for the client, in accordance with the reserved slots and air approvals;
  • Security. Our fleet contains only modern and reliable business jets that have undergone strict maintenance. In business aviation, modernized aircraft equipped with the latest electronics and innovative navigation systems are mainly used;
  • High professionalism of the crew. Pilots with extensive experience in managing civil and military aircraft work in this field. This allows the crew to properly cope with non-standard situations that have arisen in the air and not deviate from the course;
  • Premium service. Renting a business jet is primarily an opportunity to fly in comfortable conditions on comfortable seats with individual meals. In the salons of private planes flying over long distances, there are noise attenuation, pressure equalization, and air conditioning systems. A well-thought-out interior and cabin equipment allow you to completely relax during the flight - passengers do not feel shaking, can move freely around the cabin, relax in a separate area;
  • Privacy. Cyprus Private Jets guarantees confidentiality. The personal data of passengers are known only to a personal manager who undergo a strict selection process. Our company has gathered real experts with at least 6 years of work in business aviation. Thus, we vouch for our employees and guarantee complete privacy to customers at all stages of cooperation. In particular, we offer flexible payment terms.


Separately, we note that modern business aviation works not only with wealthy citizens. Any passenger can fly on a comfortable liner for rest, treatment, or on a business trip, using the Jet Sharing or Empty Legs program. Jet Sharing is an airplane seat rental service. A passenger can buy only one seat in the cabin or share the flight with friends, or members of 2-3 families. Thus, it is often possible to save up to 50-70% compared to the classic aircraft armor.


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Another great option is the opportunity to book a plane flying in the Empty Legs format. Customers often order a flight in only one direction, and the plane returns back, to the home airport – empty. Thus, you can buy a similar flight with a discount of up to 60%. At the same time, all the advantages of business aviation are preserved - premium onboard service, registration through a separate terminal, and individual meals. Cyprus Private Jets flight consultants can always provide up-to-date information about Empty Legs flights. You can indicate to the manager the directions and dates you are interested in – and we will immediately start tracking them in closed air bases. As soon as a suitable option appears, we will agree with you on the cost and discuss all the nuances, after which you will be able to book an Empty Legs flight online.


Scheme of our work
01.Request for a private flight
02.Choosing an aircraft,

agreeing on additional services
and nuances

03.Conclusion of the

and making payments

04. We will provide information
about the flight,

crew and
all the details

05.Departure from
the VIP terminal

of the airport
at the appointed time


The cost of renting a business jet

If you want to calculate the exact price of a private jet flight, it is necessary to clarify important parameters of the application, as well as confirm them with the owner or operator who owns the business jet. First of all, the type of the selected aircraft, the cost of the flight hour, the route, the number of passengers, and travel time are taken into account.

Cyprus Private Jets works with clients on the basis of an official contract. It prescribes all the main points of the flight, payment options, ordered additional services. We always meet customers halfway and are ready to consider different options for cooperation. In case of urgent need, it is possible to organize flights within 4-5 hours after the request. However, if you want to find the most profitable and suitable option, you should contact the air broker in advance. Our lawyers will provide detailed advice on the collection of documents for a flight to Europe or Cyprus, if necessary, we will help to arrange them. The company's operators work around the clock, so you can book a plane at any convenient time. We will be glad to help you!


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TOP 16 main features of private flights:

Full protection
from viruses and bacteria
Highest security
20 minutes for
check-in and boarding
Liquids allowed
on board
luxury flight
Flexible prices and
booking conditions
Flights with pets
in the cabin
VIP transfer
by helicopter
24 hour
private flights
to 251 countries
Booking in less
than 2 minutes
VIP terminals
and lounge areas
Aircraft cabin
Online flight
price calculation




We will quickly calculate the cost of a private flight